Friday, November 22, 2013

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements

Meet the 34 new missionaries in the mission!

We gathered in the six missionaries that arrived earlier this transfer and spent these last two days together learning all about the mission and being a missionary.  


Training and Interviews


The weather was beautiful!


Everyone was willing to help with the last preparations for lunch. 

Our two assistants were there to help with every detail!

Training and interviews continue....



The next morning there was time for personal study...

...and our traditional facturas.

Since our trainers joined us today we went to the church.  There was just not room for all of us at the mission home and office!  Some of the new missionaries said how they wondered if this trainer or that trainer would be theirs!  The trainers were just as excited to know who they would be training! 

We had pizza for lunch.  It had lots of cheese.  There were different toppings.  This one had green olives and hard boiled egg.


For the first part of the day the refuerzos and trainers met separately.

Then came one of our favorite times.... when the new missionaries meet their trainers.  There is such excitement in the room.  It is so fun to see them each embrace for the first time and get ready to work together!





After a wonderful meeting with everyone it was time for them to get to their own areas and get started together!


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  1. Love the excitement of the new missionaries. I know Elder Hunsaker was so excited to be one of the trainers!!