Friday, November 15, 2013

Mission President's Seminar In Bariloche

We have the opportunity to attend a Mission President’s Seminar every six months with the other mission president’s and their wives from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.  They have been held in Buenos Aries but this time it was held in Bariloche…right here in our mission!  It was so fun to share the beauties of Bariloche with all those in attendance!

It was so great to learn from our area Presidency and the other mission presidents and their wives!


Our daughter Erica arrived here in Argentina from her mission in Italy the weekend before the seminar. She was able to spend two weeks with us in Argentina.   We received permission for her to be able to come to the seminar with us!   

She was able to join us for the meals and activities.
Another mission president and his wife brought their young daughter to the seminar.   Erica and she became fast friends during the times we were in meetings. 

We met the new mission president and his wife from the Chile Conception Mission where our daughter Ashley is serving! 

It was fun to see Hermana Rogers from the Comodoro Mission.  I was able to ask about some of "our" missionaries that became part of the Comodoro Mission this last July! 
I always love to see Sister Lavrino and ask how our niece Lexie is doing.   Lexie is serving in her mission!

Elder and Sister Knapp are a senior couple in the Area Office that helps set up mini visitors centers in chapels. The visitors centers is something that we are planning to be able to do in our mission soon!   Elder Knapp and President Lovell recognized that they had been to the Idaho Boys State together many years ago!  It is a small world as we meet people in the church!

The scenery was very beautiful...
...but it was wonderful to be able to take these pictures with our beautiful daughter!

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