Friday, November 8, 2013

Stake Conference in Bariloche and Zapala

A few weeks ago we went to Bariloche on Saturday for the Priesthood Leadership Session and Adult Session of their Stake Conference.  The Stake Center there is very nice and can accommodate the members of the Stake.
During the Priesthood Leadership session I went into the primary room to work on a few things.  It was fun to see what the children had been learning.
They were learning about prayer.... 
Being baptized and receiving the holy ghost...

and paying their tithing.


Then when the meeting started I was happy that the sound was piped into the primary room and I was able to hear President Lovell’s talk.  He talked about how wonderful it is to have the great number of missionaries in the world.  He also talked about the changes we have seen in the mission since July.  July is when the Neuquén mission was divided into the Comodoro and Neuquén Missions.  At that time we had just over 100 missionaries in this mission.  Before last transfer we had 130 missionaries.  Now we have 190 missionaries.  By the end of the year we will have 250 missionaries in the Argentina Neuquén Mission!  He talked about some of the messages from General Conference and what a great blessing it is for us to participate in this great work.
He talked about the example of his father and his uncle as they served in the church.  He admired their dedication.  They worked hard but it was a great blessing to them and to their families.  He talked about the miracles that will come into our lives and into the lives of those that accept the gospel when we give them the opportunity to accept it.
The members are becoming so much more involved in the work.   This beautiful young lady had just been out teaching with some of our sister missionaries.  The sister missionaries had told me how she had bore such a strong testimony in the lesson.  She talked to me about how her testimony had grown stronger by being with the missionaries and sharing her testimony.

It was a great time to be with one of the new converts from El Bolsone.

The next morning we got up very early and drove to Zapala to be at their Stake Conference.


President Lovell and I were both asked to take a few minutes in the meeting.  During his talk President  Lovell asked all of the missionaries to stand so the members could see them.  It was great  to see them all stand!  There was a little sigh from the members to see them all!
After the meeting the district leader in Zapala got everyone organized for where they would be going for lunch that day!  Our missionaries are wonderful at remembering to take care of all the details!


Then there were a few minutes to enjoy just being together!

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