Monday, November 11, 2013

Zone Conference

We all look forward to zone conference!  We learn things, we feel the spirit and we get to be together!
It is always fun to officially welcome the newest missionaries!

It is great to watch all the missionaries jump right into missionary life! 

One of our Spanish speaking missionaries in each zone gave a talk about the Book of English.  It was one of my favorite parts of the conference because I could really understand what was being said!
This Beautiful Hermana from the Honduras shared her testimony about the Book of Mormon in English and has given me permission to share a few of the things she said.
She told us about the great spirit she felt when she read the Book of Mormon for the first time.   She especially loved reading about Jesus Christ coming to the Americas.  She testified that the Book of Mormon is true and that it will bring us closer to Jesus Christ.  She goes to the scriptures when she has questions and she finds the answers to her questions in the scriptures.  She reads the Book of Mormon every day. 
She is so grateful to the missionaries...just like the missionaries here in this mission...who came to her home and brought her this wonderful gospel.  
We all felt truthfulness of the testimony she bore.

It is great how everyone participates and then we all learn!

President Lovell talked about receiving revelation and how we can receive revelation while reading the Book of Mormon. 

There was also time to practice effective ways to share our message.

One of our assistants shared some of his thoughts. He talked about how the grace of our Heavenly Father is a divine gift that He has given us. It is the source that occupies the space that our own strength cannot reach. When we arrive to the point of thinking we can't continue on anymore, the Lord is the one who takes us by the hand and gives us the ability to grow. There is no struggle that we cannot overcome. As we see the small and simple blessings there is no room for doubting the fact that we are all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. His love, mercy and grace are infinite.

We also broke into groups of those who speak Spanish and those who speak English to focus on language skills.  We have so many new missionaries who are learning to speak Spanish.  Our Spanish missionaries are also working hard on learning English.  We had a practice sheet for learning to pray in English that they will focus on for the next transfer.

We also had an activity similar to the scripture chase from seminary.  We looked for answers to questions in the little white missionary handbook. 

These things are some of the things I have pictures of to share.  Zone conference is one of our favorite times because we get to spend time with every missionary!  Remember to double click on the photos to be able to see your missionary better!

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