Saturday, May 25, 2013

A visit to the Zone Leader's Pension in Comodoro

As we travel around the mission for Zone Conferences the Assistants stay with the Zone Leaders and spend time working in their areas with them as time permits.  When we went to pick up the Assistants we wanted to see this Zone Leader Pension. They had told me earlier that they had tried to make their pension to be more like a home.  They had been to the Casa Grande here in Neuquén to stay during Zone Leader training and felt the difference that Hermana Ehmke had made there. They wanted the same feeling in their pension. They have worked hard at organizing it and adding a few things to invite the spirit.   As you can see here they have put up a few pictures on the walls. 
 (They have an extra Elder staying with them today because they are helping him with his paperwork to be here in Argentina.  That is just one of the many things our Zone Leaders do!)
It was great to go into their bedroom and see that it was nice and clean!

Their desks were nice and tidy and they had their systems to help them keep track of everything!

I moved the drape over to look out their window and they apologized to me that they had written Doctrine and Covenants Section 4 on the window to help them memorize it!  What amazing Elders!

We did see this Zone Leader's Collection of Alfajor Wrappers!  Alfajors are a very delicious treat here in Argentina!  He has enjoyed many different kinds of Alfajors!

They had even made banana pancakes for us and they were delicious!

Then they walked us to our car and to top it off they stopped on their way back into their pension and shared the gospel with the man standing by their doorway!

It was fun to see how proud they were of their clean pension and what a good spirit was there.  What a blessing it is for them to have a clean "home" to return to every night and to study in every morning! 
I love Winston  Churchill's statement: 
 "We shape our homes and our homes shape us."

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