Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sea Lions

We had about an hour before we started back to Comodoro from Caleta Olivia and President Lovell had a meeting with the District President.  The assistants and I decided to go see if we could find the Sea Lions since this was one of the last times we would be in Caleta Olivia.  They live near the ocean only a few minutes outside of Caleta Olivia
After a few wrong turns we saw them all huddled together.

Since none of us had ever seen sea lions before we didn't know how they would react but we soon found out that whatever they were thinking they just can't move very fast!

A few of them got into the water and watched us from afar!
A few of them slid over top each other and no one seemed to mind! 

The seagulls did get excited about us coming!

There was one sea lion that stood between us and the others with his nose in the air.  We are guessing that that meant he was in charge.
One of them moved about two steps...
...and then fell over from exhaustion!
We could have probably gone closer but we were fine with watching them from a distance!
Another fun adventure of the mission!

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