Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Pillows

We were planning on getting new pillows for all the missionaries in the near future but when  we received this photo showing one Elder's very flat pillow doubled over in his night shirt we knew it was time!

We took this seriously!  We bought several pillows and had our pillow experts try them out.

These are the pillows for the Roca Zone. We will deliver them tomorrow when we go there for Zone Conference.

Most of the missionaries received their pillows in their zone meetings with their zone leaders but we were able to be there to give them to the Roca Zone and the Neuquén Zones.
The Elder in the middle of this picture owned the very flat pillow I showed at the first of this post! 
The Zone Leaders and the Assistants had a good time giving the pillows to the missionaries.
The missionaries said it was like Christmas and they were so appreciative!



 Now all the missionaries in the mission should be getting a better night sleep! 


  1. Haha loved this post! So happy to see that all of my friends are happy with their new pillows!

  2. From one mom to another - thank you for thinking of the missionaries. I know Elder Zachary Brimhall really appreciated the thoughtfulness, especially since he didn't even have a pillow.