Saturday, May 11, 2013

The story behind a Miracle in the Mission

One of President Lovell and my favorite things to do is attend the baptisms in the mission when we can.  We had been hearing about this baptism for several weeks and we had looked forward to going to it.

I would like to share the story of the miracle of this baptism because it involves so many of our missionaries and shows how the work of the Lord goes forth.

Several weeks ago these two lovely Hermanas were working hard to find people to share this wonderful gospel with.  

During the day they gave a pamphlet about the church to this sweet young woman on the street but they didn't know what she did with it from there.

This young woman went home and studied the pamphlet and knew that she wanted to know more so she called the number on the pamphlet for more information. The number she called connected to the Call Center at the MTC in Provo Utah.


 She reached this wonderful missionary who was working there while he was waiting for his visa to come through for his mission in the Argentina Neuquén Mission.  As she was taught by him through the call center she knew that she wanted to know more. When this missionary from the call center arrived in the Neuquén Mission he gave her contact information to the Elders in the area where she lived.

These Elders in her area were diligent and contacted and taught her.  She loved how she felt when they taught her and she knew what they taught her was true. She decided to be baptized.

The Elder that taught her in the call center was serving in an area very close by and was able to come to her join them all for her baptism. 

After her baptism she saw one of the Hermanas that was still in the area and was also at the baptism and surprised her by asking her if she remembered giving her the pamphlet several weeks before! What a blessing for this missionary to realize that her efforts had been a part in the baptism of this wonderful new member!

It was a great reminder  that we never know what part our example and our efforts of sharing the gospel will have in the lives of others!

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