Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ashley is here from the Chile Concepcion Mission!

Those of you who have had a missionary return home you know the anticipation of waiting for that airplane to arrive!  Our daughter Ashley has been serving a mission in the Chile Concepcion Mission.  We were so excited for her to arrive here in Argentina!

It took us a minute to catch her eye as she was getting her luggage!  There she is...right in the middle of the photo!

She will be able to stay here with us until just after Christmas.  Her twin sister will be here in a few days from the Spain Malaga Mission so it will be a very wonderful Christmas!

It was so fun to take her to meet those in the office.  They have all heard about her arrive for months and have been so excited with us!

She was suppose to arrive here on her birthday but because of  a few problems with her flight she arrived the next day but.... we celebrated it anyway!


In Chile she said it was common for some of the women to have a necklace that showed how many children she has. She said it was easy to start a conversation with one of these women about their family because she could see how many children she had and if they were boys or girls from looking at the necklace she was wearing!  She was so excited to give me the one she had made to show our nine girls! 

We are so excited to hear more about all of her experiences as a missionary and to just spend time with her before she returns to Utah!

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