Monday, December 2, 2013

Roca Stake Conference

We have looked forward to the Roca Stake Conference.  There are members there that we have grown to love and of course we look forward to being with the missionaries!  The Roca Stake is about 40 minutes from Neuquén.
The meeting was wonderful. There were testimonies from recent converts, a future missionary and other ward members.  I gave a short talk and President Lovell spoke.  Then their Stake President gave a wonderful talk.  The entire conference including the priesthood session and the adult session the day before focused on missionary work!  It is so helpful to have the support of the members and leaders.
After the meeting the members and the missionaries enjoyed visiting with one another.



This family  is a great example of what missionary work is all about!  Thirty years ago Hermana Sasine, the aunt of one of the assistants, served a mission here in Roca.  Because we planned to have interviews after Stake Conference this assistant was at the Stake conference.  The member on the left below was one of Hermana Sasine's converts those thirty years ago. He was excited to meet the nephew of the missionary who taught him.   This member was 18 years old at the time he was baptized and has now served a mission, has married in the temple and has eight children!  He is holding a photo of Hermana Sasine, the missionary who taught him!

He and his family came to the interviews to share their story and let the missionaries see the fruits of one baptism! 


  1. HI! I'm Judy Sasine Chauncey, the "Hermana Sasine" who served in General Roca a few years ago. I am the aunt of Elder Clark Sasine. I'll just clarify, that is was in April 1985, that my Companion Mercedes Stella, and I taught Daniel Araneda. (about 28 years ago) He was coincidentally at the home one night, of another couple that we taught, and so he also listened. He was baptized in late June of 1985. He himself went on a mission to Rosario, Argentina in 1987. His wife is Irma, and he has 8 kids - two of his boys are on missions right now. It was a joy to me to talk with the whole family on SKYPE this past summer, after not knowing about him for many years.The Gospel is so fun to share, and "boomerangs" back to us lots of love from friends we taught when we were full-time missionaries.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing more of the details of your experience with this wonderful family! It was so great to see the fruits of your labors!