Friday, December 13, 2013


The Bariloche Zone
The Cinco Saltos Zone

The Cipolletti Zone

The El Bolson District

The Esquel Zone

The Neuquen Oeste Zone

The Neuquén Zone

The Plaza Huincul Zone

The Roca Zone

The Zapala zone

While they wait their turn with President Lovell I talk to each of the missionaries about their language study, their health, their pensions and other things like that. Then they each meet with President Lovell for their interview.

During our interviews the Assistants, the zone leaders and the sister leader trainers did specialized trainings and practices with the other missionaries.  Many of the missionaries commented to us how much they learned from those trainings.

After meeting with each of these missionaries we are still grateful to have  the very best missionaries in the world here in the Argentina Neuquén Mission!

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