Saturday, November 15, 2014

Great Story!

On August 26th of this year I received a fun e-mail from Caroline Sasine, the Grandmother of Elder Sasine.

She related this fun story with me and I want to share it with you:

This is a great story that has prompted me to write you. A picture was taken in about 1946-47 of the Aaronic Priesthood Quorums in Arlington Ward in the Los Angeles Stake. Three of the young men in the picture are now grandfathers. In 2012 two Elders were assigned to your mission, Elder Child and Elder Sasine. In August of this year a third missionary arrived, Sister K Hansen. The three in the quorum picture were... Dick Child an advisor, Bob Sasine and Ray Hansen, Deacons. This is a wonderful event to have grandchildren, of old childhood friends serving a mission together.
She included this photo with the message of these three grandfathers many years ago
Then later Sister Sasine sent me this message with recent photos of these three Grandfathers:
You have asked to know the story behind the picture of the group of boys I sent you earlier this year.

Some of these grown men are still in contact with each other and that is how the story began to unfold to me.

I have asked each of these grandfathers to send a recent picture of himself so I could place it next to his grandchild’s picture to send to you

Sister Kayla Hansen is the granddaughter of Ray Hansen

Elder Ben Child is the grandson of Dick Child

Elder Clark Sasine is the grandson of Bob Sasine

In the past years I have personally kept in contact with Dick and Lee Child. We became friends when our family moved into a ward in Downey California. Lee and I served in the Young Women’s Program. Our children knew each other from a very early age. It was a surprise to Lee and I to find out that our grandsons, who had never meet or known of each other would be serving in the same mission. Entering the MTC on the same day. This story has been my favorite family missionary account and It has been a blessing to our families.

Thank you Sister Sasine for sharing this with us!  What a fun story of these three Grandfathers who knew each other many years ago and came to know that their grandchildren were serving together in the Argentina Neuquén Mission!

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