Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zone Conference with the Roca and Villa Regina Zones

The Villa Regina Zone
The Roca Zone

Our daughter and Granddaughter were able to visit us and enjoyed visiting so many of the zone conferences.  Because they heard the messages so many times their Spanish really improved!  It really wouldn't take them to long to become proficient at speaking Spanish!  They were so great to just follow along with us!

Facturas are a tradition in the mission.  That is one of the things that the missionaries from other countries say they will miss after the mission!

We learn so much when we watch others teach.  It is easy to think of ways we can improve and be more effective teachers as we watch them.

Time to practice!


We did the birthdays during the first part of lunch in this zone!  Happy Birthday!

The Zone leaders had everything arranged for lunch but Hermana Olga of course did the cooking!  She has a wonderful staff that helps her.  She actually does professional catering but does all of this for us because she loves us!  It is amazing that her staff is willing to give of their time also.  They make it a special occasion and we love it!



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