Friday, November 14, 2014

Stacey and Natalie

We love it when we are able to have family come and visit us!
Please meet our daughter Stacey and our Granddaughter Natalie!

We were so excited to have them come and they were so great to follow us around and do what we do!  They attended Zone Conference with seven of the twelve zones! They both know a little Spanish and it was amazing to see how much they understood and could say!  They really enjoyed getting to know the wonderful missionaries of the mission and feeling the spirit of the missionary work.

They even participated in the practices with the missionaries!

It was fun for the missionaries to get to know some of our family!

While we were in Bariloche we were able to take some time to see some of the beautiful things there!

We went on a boat ride out to Victoria Island on the lake in Bariloche.

President Lovell does love to be a grandpa!

One of our favorite things about this boat ride is that the seagulls will come and eat right out of your hand!
We came prepared with crackers and bread to feed the seagulls and it was fun to share!

There were lots of fun places to stop for photos.

We were also excited to take them horseback riding.
The scenery was beautiful.

President Lovell was able to practice skipping rocks! 
Marí was our guide and she was so much fun!  She is actually from France but she has lived in Argentina for the last 10 years.


The view was beautiful at the top of the mountain!

Some of the group enjoyed their mate at the top of the mountain while we enjoyed the view.

Thank you for a great ride!

We took them to some of our favorite places to eat....
La Fonda del Tio's in Bariloche

and the restaurant in our hotel in Esquel.
We had fun shopping...

...and introduced them to some of our favorite friends! 
 This is President and Hermana Giorgi.  He is the District President in Esquel.  Hermana Giorgi has learned to make some delicious and fun drinks!
She also fixed a delicious meal for us!
We  showed them some of the fun places in Esquel.  These are two places we have eaten before. 

The Giorgis have a store that sells party supplies.  They wanted us to come to the store so they could give Natalie a special candle for her birthday! 

The flowers were so beautiful all along the roads as we went through the national forest between Esquel and Bariloche!  I learned to love these flowers from my mother and took lots of photos!  My mom would have LOVED to see all of these flowers!

We stopped to see the Silva family in Villa la Angostura.  It is about an hour outside of Bariloche. 

The small branch in Villa la Angostura attends church in this building.

Some fun buildings in town!

There we so many places to stop and take beautiful pictures!

We travelled through San Martin and stopped by the church. 

It was fun to show Natalie the room for the Young Women.  They have all the colors for the Young Women values to decorate the room.

It is good to know a little Spanish to know which bathroom to use!

Look who we found at the church!

The volcano Lanín.

There were some very interesting rock formations along the way.

Back in Neuquén at the Mission Home!

Elder Arnaudin cooked the meat for a Argentine Birthday Asado for Natalie, one of  our mission secretaries and one of the assistants.


We had trick candles to give them more time to enjoy blowing out their candles!

Hermana Esterkin painted one of her famous painting for Natalie for her birthday.

All the time they were here they were great to help us with things we needed to prepare.  It was great!

We also had fun looking around Neuquén.  There are often people with interesting talents performing in the street while we wait for lights.  Their hope is that we will all pay them a little for the entertainment before the light turns green!

We went grocery shopping and it was fun to show them how we need to weight the vegetables in the vegetable department before we checked out!  It took me a long time to get used to that when we first arrived!

Hermana Esterkin went with us in a taxi down town.  She knows where everything is!

Getting ice cream at Gridos!

Shopping at the regional store

All too soon it was time for them to return home.  There were five other wonderful children and a great husband at home waiting for them.  They made it possible for them to take time to make this trip!  Thank you to each of them!

We are grateful for the fun memories!

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