Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zone Conference with the Neuquen Oeste, Plottier and Cinco Saltos Zones

The Cinco Saltos Zone
The Neuquén Oeste Zone

The Plottier Zone


We were so lucky to have our daughter and granddaughter with us for these Zone Conferences!

During each of the conferences the Assistants would do a practice teaching experience in front of the group.  They were great at asking for ideas of what they did well and how they could improve.   They would ask their "investigator" how he felt and what they do to help him. 

After all of this input they would do the teaching again. Sometimes they would ask for input again if they felt it would be helpful.
Then it was time for everyone else to practice, evaluate and share what worked and didn't work.

Then it was time for lunch!  The zone leaders arranged for the food but thanks to the Elders in the Mission Office for delivering it!  We have a wonderful Hermana in our ward here in Neuquén that made the food as she does for many of our events.


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