Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alex and Brittany

Several months ago our daughter Brittany and her husband Alex had spring break and were so nice to fly to Argentina to spend a few days with us!  They were married last June and we were so excited to get to know Alex better and spend time with them both! 
We are so grateful that we are able to have family visit us while we are here!  Three years would be a very long time to not to be able to see them!
They flew into Bariloche since we would be there to start Interviews.  It is a beautiful place to share!
We were excited to introduce them to President Alvarez and his family.  He is a councilor in the Mission Presidency.
We were able to spend a little time shopping for souvenirs and chocolate!

The weather was perfect to enjoy a beautiful horse ride in the mountains!



The view from the top was breath taking!

We found the perfect place to eat lunch!

It was quite a ride!
The trees were just turning to their beautiful fall colors.  We loved it but we were sore enough to be glad to head back!


The next day we were able to go to church with the Ward in Bariloche.
After church we spent the day relaxing and visiting.  The view from the condo over the lake was magnificent! 

It was fun to hear about all of the names that Brittany is finding because of her love for Family History.  As they were showing us what they were doing they found some more information on Alex's family!  The new tools the church has to do our Family History is amazing!


The next day we went to Campanario.

The view was amazing!

The boat trip to the islands

On the first island we went to we found a thick almost pure myrtle tree forest, called Bosque de arrayanes in Spanish. 

This is a unique tree due to its very smooth cinnamon-color bark that features fair reddish marks as it peels off. This provides distinctive hues in the forest. This is a perfect spot for this tree to develop, as it needs plenty of water. Specimens reaching 15 meters of height stand out. Some of them can live for between 500 and 650 years.


Off to the next island

There were seagulls that followed the boat and ate crackers right out of our hands!


The mountain to the left of Alex is called the "Sleeping Indian".  If you look closely you can see the face!

Chatzi was a great guide and taught us all about the trees and wildlife on the island!


Our last night in the condo was a game night!

Back in Neuquén
This is the beautiful Limay river just a few blocks from the Mission Home.  It is so beautiful and peaceful.

We were excited for Alex and Brittany to meet the missionaries at Leadership Council!

It was extra fun for Alex to see one of our Hermanas who is the sister of one of his best friends!

It was my birthday and the missionaries sang Happy Birthday to me in three languages!

We paid a visit to President Paredes, the Stake President of the Neuquén Stake,  and his family. 
On our last night together we had an asado with the Stake Presidency and leaders of the Neuquén Stake.
Elder and Sister Ardnaudin and the office elders cooked and served the food!
It was delicious!

It was all to soon that our time together was over! It was a busy time with things of the mission and lots of fun activities and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks for the wonderful memories!

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