Saturday, May 9, 2015

Leadership Council with the Zone Leaders, Sister Leader Trainers and District Leaders

This week we held our biannual Combined Leadership Council.  Normally, leadership council is held with only the zone leaders and sister training leaders.  But in the Combined Leadership Council, all the district leaders join us, as well!
               The main theme of our Council was Elder Bednar´s 2012 conference address, Converted unto the Lord.  We learned about the difference between conversion and testimony in our own lives and in the lives of the people we teach.
               After talking about the desires of our own hearts, we practiced helping investigators have the desire to attend sacrament meeting like we do.  Instead of focusing only on teaching them the importance of the meeting, we learned how to use inspired questions to help them develop sincere, personal desires to attend.
To ensure that we remain focused on the will of the Lord, we also spent time counseling together about the mission rules and policies.  We changed several sections in order to facilitate the work of salvation.
              Finally, we discussed the importance of planning each week, and many ideas were presented to help us stay more organized now that our area presidency does not ask us to report the same key indicators as we used to.  We know that by staying more organized, the Holy Ghost can more easily help us to balance and remember the many daily responsibilities we have as representatives of Jesus Christ. 
Sister Leader Trainers 
District Leaders

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  1. Thank you for your blog!! Huge time commitment for you but such a blessing for us!! I hope you can make a book for yourself when you are finished. Thank you for your service!!