Friday, May 22, 2015

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements (Our Newest Missionaries)

 Los Refuerzos

The Trainers

Everyone Together
Our Fifteen new missionaries are from Panama, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, USA and Peru.

Our first morning was filled with interviews, picture taking,  making sure everyone had what they needed and paperwork.  The bulletin board is off the wall because of the painting they are doing in the mission home but we were still able to enjoy the photos of when they arrived!
After interviews were finished we went to the church for lunch.  Thanks to Elder and Hermana Arnaudin for their help with the lunch! 

We invited our nurses to come to lunch so all of the new missionaries could get to know them.  We want them to feel comfortable to call them if they have a need.


All of our training was done at the church because of the work in the Mission Home. 

Since the missionaries were in the chapel most of the time most of our photos were taken when we were together for meals! 


Then on Thursday the trainers joined us for lunch.  These wonderful trainers were so excited and want to do all they can for their new companion.
 It was so fun for everyone to look around and wonder who their companion would be. 

More training after lunch

Finally the time arrived to find out their companions and where they would be serving!  There was so much excitement.  We did some activities to help them get to know each other and then we went outside to take pictures!

Soon it was time to go back to the Mission Office, get luggage, eat a sandwich and go to their areas!

We are grateful for the energy and faith of these wonderful new missionaries.  We believe that there are many miracles just waiting to happen! 

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  1. Muchos éxitos para los misioneros de Neuquén..!! En especial a la hna. Dandaluz . Saludos.