Monday, May 18, 2015

Los Fieles-The Faithful

These twenty four missionaries have finished their missions and are on their way to meet their families!   We so know that their friends and families are excited to see them and that it is time to begin the next part of their lives but we are going to miss them!  They have served faithfully and have been a great blessing to the mission and to the people here.

The missionaries that were serving close to Neuquén came to the Mission Office on Sunday to have their interviews.   President Lovell wanted to have plenty of time to meet with them.

They have been remodeling in the mission home and it has taken longer than they planned.     As you can see...the furniture is in a big pile in the middle of the living room floor!   The tile in the main parts of the house is all new and they are repainting those same areas.  It is going to be so beautiful for President and Hermana Casariego!
Because of this we had interviews in the Mission Office and the group meetings in the Limay chapel which is near the mission home.



Thanks to these Hermanas who were willing to help me with some things after their interviews! 


With a lot of help we prepared the table and the room to be very special for our last night together!  We even took the China to the church!

We had some fun pictures up on the walls of these great Fieles!

We had some special guests.  The Kenleys and the Bybees were able to join us for the evening and be with their missionary.  It was exciting to watch them reunite after two years for the Kenleys and eighteen months for the Bybees!

Here is the view from where President Lovell and I sat at the table.  It was wonderful for all of us to be at the same table.  I was the cook so we had mashed potatoes, roast beef, corn, bread and brownies and ice-cream!  It was very American but they all seemed to enjoy it!

Then it was photo time! 
There are photos of each missionary with President and I in the drop box folder under missionary photos.

The Kenleys

The Bybees

The missionaries are loved by the members of their wards!

We had a wonderful night.  We celebrated by watching photos from their mission, sharing our testimonies together and other traditions that we enjoy!  It is  a night to remember the blessings of serving a mission.  It was in the chapel at the church so there are no photos of this special evening.
This morning we all got up early to be at the airport before the other passengers.  With twenty two missionaries and all their luggage we wanted to be first in line so we wouldn't cause problems for the other passengers.

This is what the airport in Neuquén looks like.  We were some of the first ones there today.

We use these great "Cambies" when there is a big group!  They help us transport the luggage and the missionaries to and from the airport.

The workers at the airport are very good to work with us.  They know President Lovell very well by now and they will help us in any way they can.


They are all checked in and are excited to see their families!

President Lovell always spends some time finalizing everything for the group.

There was even a little time to share the gospel with some passengers that were waiting.

One last group photo!

A photo with all of the members who came to say good bye!


Until we meet again.....

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