Saturday, June 6, 2015

Interviews with the Plaza Huincul, Zapala, San Martin, Bariloche and Esquel Zones

We always love interviews but these last interviews have been full of emotion.  When we are sitting in front of a room full of missionaries it is always very humbling but this time I found myself thinking about each one of them. It was hard to think that we may not see some of them again in this life.  Then I had the feeling that Heavenly Father will continue to love and watch over each one of us until we meet again!
Before the interviews we met together for an opening.  President and I both shared our testimonies and we showed a  Video with pictures of each missionary in the mission.  We took pictures of us with each missionary that are in the "Missionary Photos" section of the blog.  We have the best missionaries!
I asked Elder Woodbury to write a summary as to what they did in the specialized training during our interviews.  Thank you to him and Elder Parke for all they did to create opportunities for practice and training during the interviews.
From Elder Woodbury:
During our last interviews with the missionaries and in preparation for the arrival of President Casariego, we focused on organizing ourselves in order to work efficiently.
First, we were introduced to a “Carpeta de Conversos” (Convert Book) that helps us keep track of the progress of those that we have helped baptize, as well as those we have helped return to full church activity.  The binder also helps us keep track of our communication with these “converts” for at least a year after their baptism or return to the church.
Next, we reviewed our Area Books.  We were trained on new ways to use them more effectively in the finding process and in the process of strengthening our relationship with our wards and branches.  We were also trained on the use of technology in conjunction with the area book, specifically our cell phones.
Finally, we updated our personal binders.  Rather than continuing to carry physical binders, each missionary was given a personal flash drive.  This flash drive contains in electronic form all of the papers and manuals that missionaries normally must request from the office.  It also contains videos and tools to help those we teach learn and feel the Spirit.
We were grateful to spend this time with President and Sister Lovell and for the video they prepared for us that reminded us of all the memories we have shared together.  Sister Lovell shared with us her testimony of the eternal and unchangeable love that Heavenly Father has for us.  She invited us all to take a moment, look for and feel that love.  President Lovell shared with us an article in the Liahona about President and Sister Casariego and asked all of us to pray for them as they are preparing to arrive in the mission.  He then shared with us his favorite scripture: James 1:5-6.  He reminded all of us that the promise contained in that verse was not just given for Joseph Smith, but that each of us can ask and receive from our Father in Heaven.  He encouraged us to develop that relationship and he left us with his testimony.
The Bariloche Zone
The Esquel Zone

The Plaza Huincul Zone

The San Martin Zone

The Zapala Zone

We will have our interviews with the other seven zones this next week.

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