Monday, June 8, 2015

Leadership Council

We prepared for this leadership council by studying the last chapter of the Book of Mormon, Moroni 10.  President Lovell began the council by teaching us about Moroni´s last exhortations.  We learned that there are eight unique exhortations by Moroni to the future readers of the book, each one containing an important insight.  We also studied and shared our thoughts on the gifts of the Spirit and remembered how necessary they are to missionary work.
During the remainder of the leadership council, we reviewed several documents that govern our missionary efforts in the Patagonia, namely Hastening the Work (from the Area Presidency), Remember This (the last page of Preach my Gospel) and Adjustments to Missionary Work (June 2014 changes approved by the First Presidency).  These summary pages helped us see and understand our callings better.
Finally, we spoke of the importance of inviting people to take the step of faith of setting a goal to be baptized on a specific date.  We counseled together as to what steps we should take to help more persons in our zones have that faith and that goal.
After this discussion, President and Hermana Lovell left us with their testimonies as we finished our last leadership council with them.  All of our leaders will miss them and their teachings and testimonies!
(Thanks to Elder Woodbury for writing the summary above.)
When we arrived at the church for Leadership Council we all waited for someone to get there with the key.  These two Hermanas were standing quietly in the corner.  When we walked over to tell them hello they told us their secret!  There is a heater on the inside of the church and the wall was warm on the outside..right where they were standing!


There has been so much  rain during this last week that there were mud slides that blocked the road from Esquel to Bariloche  so the Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders Trainers from Esquel couldn't travel.  They joined us by Skype.  They even made comments and did the practices.  We lost the internet several times but it was good to have them be apart of the meeting.



Because this was our last Leadership Council we cooked a special lunch.  I made mashed potatoes and chicken gravy.  Gravy is not something they eat here so those from North America were excited!



  1. Loved seeing pictures of our grandson, Elder Wall. Thanks President and Sister Lovell for all you have done for him these last 2 years.

    1. Thank you for your love and support! Elder Wall has talked about you and how you love to see his pictures on the blog!