Sunday, June 7, 2015

Members in Argentina

One thing that has been a great blessing to me from serving a mission in Argentina is to experience the love that Heavenly Father has for all of his children.  He wants us all to have the blessings of his gospel in our lives. 

His church is the same all over the world.  I have a few pictures I have collected that I want to share with you of members of the wards and stakes here in the mission participating in the programs of the church.

 These children in this ward were so prepared for their primary program.  They sang beautifully and their parts were memorized. 
There was great excitement in Rincon when they moved into their new building.

The baptism of Lucia and the Zunigas who fellowshipped her

The ward temple trip to Buenos Aires.  They stayed for a week.  Many of them attended over 20 endowment sessions that week.

A CTR classroom

The play house for the children in the nursery

The Relief Society Birthday party in Zapala

Personal Progress is a blessing to the Young Women.

The dance for the youth that attended EFY
It is a blessing when the members and the missionaries can work together.  That is when the work can move forward!

A great example of working together is the Capilla Abierta Program.  The members and the missionaries set up displays together and welcome and teach those who attend. 

Thank you to the Ehmkes and the Arnoudins for working so hard to coordinate the Capilla Abierta program. 

This wonderful gospel blesses all of Heavenly Father's children!

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