Saturday, March 2, 2013

Los Refuerzos...The Reinforcements (February)

We were so excited when nine missionaries that had been waiting since last October finally received their Visas!  Some of them have been working in the call center at the MTC in Provo since October and some have been serving in other missions.   

The airport was still closed in Neuquén so they had a very long bus from Buenos Aries. Their bus was on time!  The last few times we have been to the bus station the buses have been one to two hours later than scheduled. 

 We had a little wait before our shuttle arrived.

President Lovell used that time to share things about the mission and to answer any questions.

It wasn't long before we were able to take these wonderful missionaries to the Mission Home and the Casa Grande.  

Soon they were all at the mission home for their interview with the President and all the other things that the new missionaries do when they first arrive.

The assistants took some time to tell these new missionaries all about the mission. They are so good at helping everyone feel comfortable.

When it was time for lunch it was so great how everyone pitched in to do what needed to be done.

Lunch was also a great time to ask questions and learn more about the mission.

Then there was time for training.  The missionaries rotated around so they could learn from each of those working in the office.  The assistants and I also had time to teach things about mission rules and learning the language.   

Then we had time to eat a nice meal together.  I love it when we can all sit at the table together.  It feels like a big family!  We believe that it is no accident that we are each called to this mission at this time.  These are eternal relationships!

Then we had a wonderful evening with a beautiful violin musical number and sharing of testimonies.

Then President Lovell announced where everyone would be serving.  It was incredible to see the attitude of all of these wonderful missionaries.  They are all willing to do whatever they are asked to do!

They were excited to be ready to meet their new companions but hardest part about the evening was the realization that they wouldn't see each other for a while.

It was a wonderful evening together. It was easy to feel their strength, their testimonies and their love of the Lord.   These missionaries are prepared to serve the Lord and the wonderful people here in Argentina!

One day later...

This wonderful missionary arrived early this morning from  Guatemala!  He went straight to "the field".  He will return to the Mission Home for more training at Transfer time!


  1. How awesome to have these missionaries finally arrive. I have followed a couple of them who have their own blogs and have been inspired by their dedication in serving where ever they are placed. Every missionary wants to arrive at the place they were called to serve yet these missionaries served faithfully over these last months in other needy places. Hooray to them. They will be a great addition to the Argentina Neuquén Mission.

    And thank you for keeping this blog so I can better follow my own favorite missionary a little closer. :)