Sunday, March 3, 2013

One More Hermana...From Bolivia

We received word that our Hermana from Bolivia finally received her visa.  She has been serving in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission while she waited 6 months for her mission.  We are so glad that the airport is now open.  That means she would have a 2 hour flight instead of a 15 to 18 hour bus ride from Buenos Aries.  Our assistants are so good to make sure that we have all the information we need!  
We are very happy each time one of our missionaries receive their visa.  We still have twenty that are serving in other missions while they wait for their visa!

It is always so fun to see each other through the glass for the first time!

Welcome to the Argentina Neuquén Mission! 

She stayed one day night at the Mission Home and then went to "the field" to be in a companionship with two other wonderful Hermanas until transfers...which will be in one week!  Then she will come back to the mission home to be trained with the other new missionaries that arrive that week.

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