Sunday, March 17, 2013

Los Fieles...The Faithful (March)

This was a transfer cycle that we have been planning for a long time.  There were twenty two really good missionaries that returned home this transfer cycle!  It is hard to imagion the mission without them!  Several of them returned home a week or two early for various reasons.

This wonderful Hermana is returning to her home in Arizona!  It was so fun to spend time with her before her return.  Our Hermanas are such great missionaries! 
These three Elders came to the Mission Home to prepare to return to their homes in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Good-bye!  We are so grateful that the church has asked us to do a mission Facebook group so we can stay in touch!  
One week later eighteen more of our very best missionaries came to the mission home to prepare to return to their homes.

They all signed up for our Facebook group, wrote a journal entry, and had their last interview with President Lovell.

Our Assistants are always here to do whatever is needed!

We love good food and we enjoy the time it gives us to enjoy being together!

The mission Financial Secretary and the Secretary to the President do so much.  Each missionary meets with them to make sure they have everything taken care of before they leave the mission.

It is so fun to see how much these missionaries enjoy being together!

We had some special guests for the evening.  What happy reunions!  


We will miss the talent of this wonderful pianist!

Each missionary receives a packet with the letters they have written to the Mission Presidents and other fun things.

They each received their Tablaro Card that has a history of where they have served and who they have served with!
This wonderful Elder received the Mission "Standard of Excellence" since our last Zone Conference!  Congratulations Elder!

We have mission pins that President Lovell pins on the Elders and I pin on the Sisters.  It kind of feels like a graduation ceremony and it is very special to us! 

After a wonderful testimony, we had time to take some fun pictures and spend a little more time together.

The Hermanas stayed at the Mission Home that night.  We had a very fast breakfast together the next morning and hurried to the airport!

The airport is always fun but it is hard to say that last Good-bye!  We will always treasure the wonderful memories we have had with these wonderful missionaries!


  1. Thank you Hna. Lovell for your kindness to our daughter. It's so good to have her home again. Love, Sister Larsen (Senior)