Thursday, March 7, 2013

Zone Conferences

We always look forward to Zone Conferences.  We love being with the missionaries and we love learning together.  We had all read the talk entitled “The Fourth Missionary” before coming to these Zone Conferences.  The Fourth Missionary is a missionary who  is obedient, worthy, does his duty, serves faithfully, consecrates himself, totally surrenders his will for the Lord’s will,  has charity, is a disciple of Christ, measures success from within, and his predominate desire is to do what the Lord wants him to do.

We all had a chance to reflect back on the desires of our hearts at the time we received our calls.  We invited all the missionaries to choose the qualities that they want to develop and manifest during their time as missionaries.  We talked about how to use the atonement to help us to be better personally and as missionaries.
We learned how to use district meeting more effectively in supporting one another and the investigators with baptism dates. We talked about how to invite investigators to keep commitments. We talked about how to work more effectively with the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders.  The Stake President from the Zone attended in some of the Conferences and taught us things that he felt was needed in his Stake.

The Assistants and Zone Leaders were wonderful in their examples and instructions in each Zone Conference.  We had many activities and experiences as we learned together.  There is such a strong spirit when we are all together.

I have included lots of pictures of the missionaries in each zone for the enjoyment of the families of our wonderful missionaries!  If you are one who gets an e-mail when there is a new blog post...please click on the title of the blog post in your e-mail so it will take you to the actual blog instead of just reading it from the e-mail you receive.  Then you will be able to double click on a picture if you want to see it larger and better and everything just looks nicer on the actual blog!
Please enjoy memories from our recent Zone Conferences!

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