Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mission President's Seminar in Buenos Aires

President Lovell and I are looking forward to the Mission President´s Seminar in April.  I was thinking about the amazing experience we had at the Mission President´s Seminar last October and decided to share a few of the experiences and pictures from the seminar with you.  All of the Mission Presidents and their wives were there from the South American South Area of the Church.  This includes all of the missions in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.  We were so blessed to have Elder Oaks and Elder Bednar and their wives along with the South America South Area Presidency there to teach us.  

It was very fun to get to know the other Mission Presidents and their wives.  We were able to share ideas with each other.  Some had been out for two years, some one year and about one third of us had only been out for a few months.

When we met President and Sister Levrino, President of the Salta Mission, we told them our niece Lexie had just received her call to their mission a few weeks before the seminar.  It was fun letting them know what a wonderful Hermana Lexie would be!

Elder Oaks and Elder Bednar and their wives were so kind and seemed to enjoy meeting and talking with all of us.

This is a picture of all of the mission presidents and their wives.

For each of the meals that were served, we had place cards to tell us each where to sit.   On the last evening we were excited to see that our place cards were right next to Elder and Sister Bednar´s place cards. It was such a privilege to be with them. They were so wonderful and were willing to answer our many questions.  The spirit was very strong and we felt a witness that this was an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Later that night we had the privilege to attend a wonderful presentation about the life of Joseph Smith done by musicians in the area.   It was an amazing evening!  Elder Oaks also attended and thanked the performers for their beautiful music.

It was written and conducted by these two talented musicians.  It was fun to hear their story.  During the time they spent together preparing and practicing this performance they fell in love and were married  in the Buenos Aires Temple just a short time before the performance we watched.

One of the highlights of the evening was meeting these two wonderful performers, Damian and Nicolas  Rosas.  Their sister Hermana Rosas was an Hermana in our mission.  Nicolas played the part of Joseph and Damian  played the part of Alvin in the performance.  They knew that we would be there that evening and found us after the performance with special letters to deliver to our mission! We felt an immediate bond to these wonderful brothers!

We were so excited to meet President and Sister Humphrey of the Chile Concepcion Mission.  Our daughter Ashley is a missionary in their mission.

We were able to attend the newly rededicated Buenos Aries Temple in a session with Elder Oaks.  

After the temple session, we walked over to eat lunch at the CCM - the MTC in Buenos Aires.


We sat across from Elder and Sister Oaks and next to Elder and Sister Bednar. Elder Oaks is sitting here next to President and Sister Carter of the Buenos Aires West Mission.  It was so fun to get to know the Carters.  They were willing to share things that have worked well for them in their mission, and I learned a lot about how to do a blog from Sister Carter.

After lunch we were able to go upstairs and meet some of the missionaries at the CCM that were preparing to come to our mission.

Just before we got on the shuttle to take us to the airport we saw Hermana Clair and her little daughter Crystal from the Catrial Branch in our mission.  She and her husband were there attending the temple.  What a great ending to a wonderful week!

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  1. What a great thing to look forward to! I see a few pictures of dear friends President and Hermana Armstrong from the Uruguay, Montevideo mission. Give Betty Ann a big hug from me!