Monday, March 4, 2013

New Shoes

Several Weeks ago I received a call from a missionary.  He said his shoes had big holes in them.  It sounded like the stories I had heard about missionaries wearing our their shoes in the service of the Lord so I asked him to send me a picture.

This is the picture I received!

He only had one transfer left in the mission so I went to the attic to see if  there happened to be a pair of shoes there to help him make it through his last transfer!   There were only three pair of shoes there that I thought would even be a possibility.

We were going to a baptism somewhat close their area in just a few days so we said we would meet them at the church in their area.

It is always so fun to see missionaries walking together.  These two missionaries were especially excited to see us and hoped we had the solution to their problem! 

Not only had his shoes been worn out in the service of the Lord but his socks also!

They enjoyed giving us one last demonstrations of the problem!

I was so relieved when there was one pair of shoes that fit him. They weren't wonderful but they would work for one last transfer!   They left...ready to keep working in the service of the Lord.

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  1. Oh that is so cute Sister Lovell. thank you for sharing! We had a son serving in Korea a few years ago and he wore his shoes out. His companion's father was in Seoul for bussiness and got permission to take his son and our son out to dinner. He noticed our missionaries shoes were worn out and he immediately took him to get him a new pair. I've always been grateful for his kindness. thanks again for sharing. Hermana Larsen's Mom