Friday, April 26, 2013

2013-04-22 Los Fieles-The Faithful

 One of the great blessings of serving our mission is to get to spend time with these faithful missionaries as they prepare to return home.  After spending this time with them we learn to love them even more!

We know it is time for them to move on in their lives but they will all certainly be missed here in the mission!

It is fun to spend time with each other while they  wait for their interview with President Lovell.  

After the interviews there is always good food to eat!

It is fun to learn more about each of them.  These two Elders are from the same Stake in Georgia. 

This Elder was excited to have his Dad join him.  He surprised his Dad by playing the piano for him.  He has been willing to play for the wards and branches where he has served and has been able to improve his piano playing ability!

In the afternoon the missionaries were able to meet some  converts and ward members that live close to the mission home.  Then we met back together for a wonderful evening together.

We love to take pictures to remember each other!


After a very spiritual evening we get to do some of the fun final traditions of the mission.  It is so fun to share their "tablero cards" with each of them.  It has a history of where they have served and who their companions have been.

Pinning on the pins reminds me of moving the tassel from right to left at High School Graduation! 

The next morning we were all off to the airport!  We always try to get there early so we get checked in before other passengers arrive.  We want to keep the airport officials happy!

It is quite a process to get everyone checked in and all their luggage weighed!

Now we have about an hour to wait before they board the airplane.  It give us lots of time to take pictures with each other!


Then there came the announcement that sounded like our call to board!

Then it is really time to say good-bye!

  We are so grateful that these relationships are eternal.

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