Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Autumn in the Mission

As we were driving to the airport I decided to take some pictures of the beautiful autumn leaves so you can see that it is Autumn in the Mission!  That is a little confusing to those of us who have lived in North America.  One of our  missionaries from Alaska  told me that she was asked to give a talk on Easter and that she found herself wanting to use the usual symbols of Easter in her the new life that comes in the  Spring.  She thought it was interesting how that just didn't work for her Easter talk here in Argentina!  

See how the leaves are turning colors on the trees in front of the Mission Home!

I also took some beautiful fall pictures on the way home from interviews two weeks ago.    The scenery is beautiful but be sure and notice the colors of the leaves.  It really is autumn here in April!

Birds flying north???

Here is a "Autumn Sunrise" taken this week by the Asbells in Trevelin!
You have to look hard to see the autumn leaves in this last picture but a missionary from the Trelew Norte Zone just sent it to me and I just wanted to share it with you! 

Happy Autumn or Spring whatever it may be where you live!

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