Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stake Conference in Argentina

On the Sunday before Easter all of  Argentina had Stake Conference!  It was transmitted from Salt Lake and it was wonderful!  Elder Bowen, Elder Clayton, Sister Stevens and Elder Nelson spoke to us. Everyone except for Sister Stevens spoke to us in Spanish. (She had a translator.) All of the talks were great, but it was especially interesting that Elder Clayton talked about the difficult economic circumstances during his time living in Argentina.  They were many applications for us today.

The spirit was so strong during the conference.  I was talking to two of our missionaries about their experience with the conference and they said I could share it with you.  They have been teaching a husband and wife with two children for about three months but they didn’t seem to be making any progress.  They invited them to the conference and they came!    Their questions about tithing and marriage were answered during the talks. They loved the emphasis on the importance of the family and the importance of teaching and training children.  They said they have heard many important people speak before but they have never before felt the way they felt during the conference.  They are getting married next week and baptized on April 20th. Another Miracle in the Mission!

Since all of Argentina had this Stake Conference on the same day President and I will not be traveling around to the nine stakes and two districts like we try to do to attend all of the Stake Conferences. We attended this Argentina Wide Stake Conference with the Caleta Olivia District in the southern part of the Mission.

After the Conference there is always a light lunch prepared for those who have several hours to travel to return home.  They are always so nice and invite the missionaries to eat with them!  

 There are many people we love here!  This mother and daughter are  someone I watch for when we visit.  The first time we attended the branch there in Caleta they saw that I was totally lost and helped me know where to go and what to do.  I found out later that their husband and father had died the week before.  What an example of being willing to serve even when things have been difficult. 

This is the District Relief Society President.  She and her daughter fixed a very nice lunch for the Mission Presidency and the District Presidency between some Leadership meetings that were held the day before the conference. 

This is the Second Counselor in the Mission Presidency.  It has been a joy to get to know him and his family.  They just found out the day before the conference that they are expecting their fourth baby!  

The Brother on the far right is one of the Branch Presidents in the District.  He speaks very good English.  I asked him how it has blessed him in his life.  Among the things he told me was how many of the things he needs to read for his work are on the internet in English.  I asked him if he would share his experiences with some of our missionaries that are working hard to learn English.  It looks like they are listening well!

These are some of my favorite people!  The Sister on the far left translated for me when I gave my first talk last July.  If you notice...the sister to the right of her is not wearing earrings   That is because I told how much I liked her earrings and she insisted that I have them!  

The Sister on the right is  President Castro's wife. President Castro is the District President.   She is full of life!

Isn't this little girls cute?  She is still eating the treats her mother brought for her to enjoy during the Conference!

We feel so at home in the Caleta Olivia District.  It is one of our very favorite places to be!

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  1. Caleta Olivia was one of my favorite areas too! There are such good people there! Thank you for posting so many photos of these people that I know and love. I hope you get to spend as much time there as possible before the area is transferred over to the Comodoro Mission.