Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mission President's Seminar

President Lovell and I were able to attend the Mission President's Seminar this last weekend for all of the Mission Presidents and their wives in the South America South Area.  It was directed by our wonderful Area Presidency.  Elder Zwick from the Missionary Department and his wife were also with us. We met in a Hotel near the Buenos Aires Temple and were able to attend a session together on the last day of the seminar.

It was so great to be with all of the wonderful Mission Presidents and their wives.  The couple in the middle are the Mission President and wife for the mission in Chile where our daughter Ashley is serving. They were so nice and took a little package to her from us.

We also spent time with the future Mission President for our niece Lexie.  She is serving in Texas where she is waiting for her visa.  Right as we were at the airport with him he received the e-mail that she received her visa and would be arriving in Argentina next week to be an Hermana in his mission! 
It is a privilege to be part of this great missionary work! 


  1. I can't tell, is this last picture a picture of President Levrino from the Argentina Salta Mission? If so, I think it is really neat that you have a niece going there. My daughter (Elder Haroldsen's sister) is also going to that mission. She flies to the Argentina CCM tomorrow morning!

  2. Yes! It is President Levrino. He is wonderful! How fun to have two missionaries!