Thursday, April 4, 2013


We are home from touring the mission for interviews.  We have been gone almost two weeks and we have driven almost 1700 miles!  We took a little longer this time because we wanted to spend some time with the ward and stake leaders in some of the Zones. With this extra time we were also able to spend some extra time with some of the missionaries.  It was amazing how the time we planned was needed for things that came up.  

We wanted to take advantage of the time together so along with interviews we also did “Specialized Training” with the missionaries.  We met together before beginning the interviews in each zone (or sometimes in a district if it was far away from their zone leaders). 

This gave us time to recognize those who achieved the mission “Standard of Excellence” and to discuss things we wanted to talk about with all the missionaries. I showed them all the blog and clarified that the blog was only for the families at home and that they can enjoy it after their mission. We asked them to fill out a self-evaluation on how they are doing in many areas of obedience and in their own personal spirituality.    Then President talked with them which set the tone for the interviews. 

 Before they met with President, I had an opportunity to talk to each of them. We talked about how they are each doing with their language study and set goals with those learning English for the next time we meet for interviews. I talked to the North Americans about questions they had about the Companionship Language Program so they can help their Latin companions. I also talked to the North Americans about how they are continuing to study their Spanish during language study time.  Then if there is time before President is ready for his interview we are able to talk about some of the miracles they are having in their area.  This is my favorite part.   

Then they meet with President Lovell for their interview with him.  It is such a good time for President to get to know each missionary and for them to talk about specific things that are important to each of them. 

While President and I were meeting with each missionary the assistants did other things with those that were waiting for their interviews. 
 The church has changed providers for phones and for Bank Cards.  We brought the new phones and the new bank cards to give out to the missionaries.  The phones have more features such as texting so the assistants took some time to talk about how the phones should be used and to answer questions.
The missionaries all came prepared to teach lesson one.
The Assistants and Zone Leaders were the investigators as each companionship taught the entire first lesson.
The missionaries really liked doing this teaching. 

After each lesson they were all able to talk about their experience. They came so prepared and everyone learned from it!
It was amazing to everyone how the spirit could be so strong...even in a practice lesson!

We came home grateful for each of the wonderful missionaries that are in this mission!

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