Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013-10 Los Fieles-The Faithful

Our six "Fieles" left this morning to return to their homes.  We know that their families are very excited to see them but we will definitely  miss them here in the mission.  They have been wonderful missionaries!

It was hard for them to believe it was really time for them to leave. One said that today seemed like a dream.  The time went so fast!  They talked about when they first arrived in Neuquén. Most of them even remembered what they ate on that first day!

Here is how they each looked when they first arrived in the mission!

They have had many experiences since that first day!
This Hermana returned home a few weeks earlier than the other fieles for some needed medical attention.  She is the first Missionary to have come and gone while we have been here! 

One of our Sister Lead Trainers has been staying in the Mission Home for the last few weeks so she was also able go with us to say good bye.


We always look forward to spending time with our “Fieles”.  We have shared so many experiences together and we have learned to love them so much and they have not only been dedicated missionaries but they have grown so much personally. 
We were able to spend time together in the morning at the Mission Home while President Lovell had his last interview with each of them.




Of course there was delicious food!

The Evening was wonderful!


Early this morning

We  had an Elder travel with our Fieles to go home for medical treatment for a few months.  Can you pick him out in the picture below?
The Neuquén Airport

We always try to get to the airport early so we don't cause any problems for the other passengers or the airlines.  Today they were very precise as they weighed our luggage and would not allow us to have any  that were over weight. 

Once we were checked in we had time to visit and say our good-byes.

This is the Elder that is traveling home for medical treatment!  We are glad we are only saying good bye to him for a few months!

Our Assistants to President Lovell

God Be With You Until We Meet Again!

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