Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leadership Council

 We always enjoy meeting with the Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers of the mission.  It was held during the first week of October.


It was more fun than usual this month because one of the things we did was introducing the new program the church has put out for missionaries called “Adjusting to Missionary Life”. 
 One of the things it talks about is the different kinds of stress that missionaries face.  We had some good discussions and some fun activities! 
During President Lovell's presentation I found out that 20 of our visa waiters would be coming with the other 28 missionaries that we were already planning on for this transfer.  I walked up and shared it with President Lovell! 

One of the activities we did was to each cross the room in a creative way…a way that no one else had used!  It showed that we can accomplish things in many different ways AND it was a lot of fun!

Dr. Smith, our new area doctor, came to part of the council to introduce himself and train the mission leaders about caring for the missionaries.


His wife shared about the importance of caring for our food and how to clean our fruits and vegetables.

We learned about the importance of exercise.

We have great leaders!


  1. I loved this!! Elder Hunsaker told us about being able to lead the group in some Yoga....glad to see the pictures that went with it. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I believe that our neighbor and fellow ward member, Wendy Ulrich, wrote much of the content of "Adjusting to Missionary Life". She gave parents and prospective missionaries in our stake in Alpine a sneak peek of it last spring and said that it would soon be coming out. I so happy that our missionaries now have this valuable information to help them make the transition. Thank you for they way you train your mission leaders. The ripple effect will be felt by every missionary. I'm so happy that this new program has arrived in Neuquen!

    1. It will be a great blessing to the missionaries all around the world!