Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Update on new missionaries in the mission

Seven wonderful missionaries have arrived to the mission during this last transfer cycle.  I apologize to the families of these missionaries for not putting up photos of their missionary on the day they arrive.  We went to the airport five different times so I hesitated putting up five different blog posts but that is exactly what I should have done!  Anyway...they are here safe and sound and are already busy doing missionary work!
This Elder arrived from Brazil while President Lovell and I were in Bariloche doing interviews.  Elder and Hermana Ehmke and the assistants picked him up from the airport and welcomed him to the mission.
He went into a trio until the new transfer.  He will receive his new companion after he comes back to the mission home for training this week.
This Hermana arrived from Guatemala. 
She arrived early enough that we could enjoy some time together at the Mission Home.
This Hermana arrived from Nicaragua.  She is one of the13 missionaries from her ward in Nicaragua that are serving missions!

We all had fun getting pizza at the mall before taking her to her trio until transfers this week.
These two Hermanas arrived from the Honduras. 

We planned to eat at the food court at the mall but when we arrived we found that it didn’t open for another 20 minutes.  That gave the two new Hermanas and I just enough time to go to the store and fill two shopping carts with some of the things we needed for the new pensions we are opening this transfer!  It was so much fun!
These two missionaries arrived from the United States. 
Their flight didn't get in until 9:00 P.M.  We wanted them to get to their pensions before it was to late so we tried something different.  We fixed a little bag of groceries for them to take with them so they would have something to eat!  Our new Elder said he was very hungry and was grateful for the food!

President and I took our new Hermana to her trio so I have a few pictures to share.  The Sister Leader Trainers were there for "intercambios" so they along with her companion were able to welcome her to the mission!

We are now preparing to train all of the new missionaries that will arrive tonight and on Friday and all those that have already arrived and are serving in trios.  Altogether we will train 58 new missionaries this week.  We will also bring in their trainers so that will be 118 missionaries meeting and training together!
This is part of the hastening of the work! 


  1. Sister Lovell, I know you are busy but I just wanted send this little reminder that you are so loved and appreciated by all of us missionary moms. No matter the hour of the day, no matter how many missionaries are arriving, no matter how many missionaries you are preparing to receive (!) - you and President Lovell welcome each new missionary with all that he or she needs to get off to a great start in the mission, the most evident is love (and that includes the comfortable pension, food (!), welcoming trainers and all of the training that you so carefully organize and deliver.) I am amazed and inspired by your energy and dedication to each of your missionaries; your signature smile shows your love in every photo! Just know that you and President Lovell are loved and appreciated by families all over the world.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is such a privilege to serve with these wonderful missionaries! It is easy to want to do everything we possibly can for them. They are amazing! We truly do love them but they are so easy to love! Thank you to you parents for your love and support and most importantly...for your prayers.