Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eleven New Missionaries arrive from Spain, Peru and Argentina

We were on the way to the airport to pick up our new missionaries when we received a call that they would be delayed until the midnight flight! 
We got to the airport early. I had some time to take pictures of our assistants and our mission secretaries.  Even at this late hour they were each ready to help ...even with a smile!

As soon as the passengers start coming in we look for missionaries.  They are usually easy to spot!  We were curious why only two of them got their luggage as the luggage started coming in.  We soon found out that their luggage had been checked on the earlier flight but they weren't able to fly with it!  It was already here waiting for them!



Picking up the Luggage

All the luggage made except one!  They will call us tomorrow when it arrives!

Today at the Mission Home
Facturas are a tradition!
President Lovell interviewed each missionaries while we did the other necessary things.

This entire group spoke Spanish but they were very patient as I did my best to speak Spanish.  However several of these missionaries do speak very good English! 


Great Food! 
Our Office Elders helped us get the brownies ready

Hermana Ehmke taught them how to make good brownies

She makes everything fun!

Training at the office...
Our office Secretaries and the Ehmkes shared valuable information about the mission.

Elder Ehmke has been working night and day to get all the pensions ready for all the new missionaries!  It has been a huge job!  He has involved some of the missionaries in the areas to help him and there have also been many miracles!  Thank you Elder Ehmke!
 Today he shared valuable information about how to care for a pension and also what supplies are available at the mission office.

....and with President Lovell

After a fun day together these missionaries joined eleven different companionships that are near the mission home. The assistants and the office secretaries were wonderful to drive them to each pension so they would not have any problems.  These new missionaries will return again on Friday where they will be part of the 58 new missionaries. They will have more training and find out who their new companions will be!


  1. I would like to know if my son Elder Brent Shearer has arrived well. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you kindly,