Saturday, October 12, 2013

Meeting with the 58 New Missionaries in the Mission!

Friday afternoon we met with the 58 new missionaries of the mission...
...along with their trainers.
This included those who had arrived in the last few weeks and had been in a trio waiting to be trained with those who arrived on the regular transfer schedule.  We originally had 59 that were coming but one of our missionaries from Mexico didn't make it this time!
Meet our 58 newest missionaries!

It was very fun to announce who their companions would be! Some will be in trios until we can secure all of the necessary pensions.  We will have a mini transfer part way through the transfer cycle once things are in place.
 Of course that called for more photos!  

This Hermana's companions was not able to be here so I stepped in for a photo!


We were so grateful that it stopped raining.  The sun came out in time to dry off the grass and we were able to eat outside.

President Lovell spoke to the entire group and then there was time for many of the new missionaries to share a brief testimony.  Many who are just learning to speak Spanish bore their testimonies along with those who come from Spanish speaking countries.  The spirit was so strong as we met together.
After the testimony meeting and as they gathered their luggage they received their new pillow before traveling to their areas.  They love getting their pillows!

The airlines misplaced this Hermana's suitcase and she was without it for several days.  It arrived at the mission office just in time for her to take it to her new area.  Notice the big smile!

Smiles from one of our assistants and our mission secretary... some of the last missionaries go to their pensions.  It took the help of many to make the necessary preparations and needed arrangements for this historic week!

These wonderful new missionaries will be a great blessing to the mission!


  1. Sister Lovell.... Thank you sooo much for posting these pictures. We have been excited to see all of the missionaries....especially ours. Looks like they made it safe and sound. We really appreciate you taking such good care of them and look forward to more pictures over the next couple of years. Thanks for keeping the blog!

  2. Wonderful! My daughter is in the MTC now and will be headed your way in November (or when the visa comes.) Thanks so much for keeping this blog!

  3. Thank you so much Lovells, bless you! It was such a comfort to see our kid in that first airport photo of 39. I could sleep that night. The pictures to follow were so fun and it's so awesome that our family can feel involved through your blog. We are so grateful he is in good hands our prayers are with you. With love, Mom to Elder Finch.

  4. Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestra querida Sofia Calderwood ! Gracias por poner tan lindas fotos


  6. Thank you so much for the pictures! I can tell my son will be in very caring hands. We love you both!

  7. Felicitaciones Elderes y Hermanas. Bien venidas a la major mission en el Mundo. Presidente Lovell y Hermana Lovell son Marvillosos, Elder y Sister Ehmke trabajan Milagros en la oficiana, y los Asistentes son muy Buenos. Mision Argentian Neuquén te extrano.

    Congratulations Elders and Sisters, Welcome to the Best mission in the Mission. President Lovell and Sister Lovell are marvelous, Elder and Sister Ehmkes work wonders in the office, and the Assistances are amazing. Oh how I miss you Mission Neuquén Argentina.

    Former Elder From Neuqeun
    Elder Lundskog

    1. Thank you all for YOUR amazing support and your prayers.

  8. This has been an historic transfer! It was amazing!

  9. Wow! Talk about hastening the work! You guys are going to change the world! Literally! Can't tell you how much we appreciate the blog, and especially the photos - makes us feel a part of this whole wonderful experience - and of course, its good to see our son safe and happy in Argentina in the midst of so many amazing Elders and sisters. Our love and prayers are with you continually.
    Claudia Thorum

  10. Hello, You have added 2 of my most favorite missionaries in you mission. Elder Colby Yandle (His mother and I are life time friends). And Elder Jordan Langford (his family are near and dear to my heart. His father is our hometeacher, has been our bishop, most of all their family are very dear friends I look forward to learning and hearing about this mission in Argentina. I have a nephew in Buenos Aires, Argentina and another family friend's son in the Argentina Mendoza Mission. Argentina has become a very special part of the world to me. I pray for many tender mercies for all missionaries and every one they serve for our Father in Heaven.
    Love, From Sister Christine Anderson (Tucson, Az)

  11. It is wonderful to feel the love and support from family and friends of these wonderful missionaries!