Sunday, April 6, 2014

Leadership Council

The mission leadership met this last week for a special Leadership Council. There are always improvements that can be made, and so, as leaders, we are doing our best to address those things. There are so many good things that are happening in the mission!  We are experiencing more baptisms as a mission and the attendance at church is growing dramatically!  We are all working toward "Real Growth" in each of the wards and branches.  It was great to be able to share this success with these leaders and acknowledge how hard they and all the missionaries are working.
All of the Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers attended this month.  It was great for all of us to get more clear on our responsibilities and how we interact with each other.  There are so many good things happening in the mission and we made plans and goals  so we can continue moving forward! 
Our Sister Leaders Trainers

Our District Leaders

Our Zone Leaders






These missionaries are all from Mexico!

These missionaries are all from Chile!

This is for you Hermana Judd! 

This is the photo we took when Hermana Judd arrived from North America with "Her Elders".  She has just returned home this last transfer but "Her Elders"  were all together at this Leadership Council and  they missed having her there too! We couldn't remember the order they were in for that original photo!   (Elder Gardener was also in this original group but is serving in the Comodoro Mission)

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