Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Budds in Argentina

We were so excited to have our daughter Liz and her husband Jake and their children visit us here in Argentina.  We had so much fun and we took a lot of photos because we have not had three grandchildren here to take pictures of!  This is kind of long but we did many things and we want to remember them!
 It was so fun to see their smiling faces through the glass as they arrived!

Amy had a great idea!

She knew she was pretty cleaver!

There were pictures of them on the mission bulletin board as we arrived at the Mission Home!

 It was great for them to meet some of our wonderful missionaries.  

These missionaries were here taking care of some visa work and had a few minutes before they could leave so we asked them if they would be willing to play a little soccer.


They all seemed to like the food here in Argentina! Lorena was here today and cooked them Pastel de of our favorite dishes.

The Budds brought a new craft called the rainbow loom to do when there was time.  They also planned to share it with other children here in Argentina who would like to learn how to do it!
We visited one of our favorite families in our ward.  They have children about the same age as the Budds.

They played a little soccer with them...


...and then they taught them how to do the Rainbow Loom.



Our granddaughter Mary sent a Rainbow Loom with the Budds to give to Camilla.  Camilla and Mary have been penpals.

Daniel was very patient as he taught them how to do it.  He did a great job speaking a little Spanish with them.

We went to a library to see what it would be like here in Argentina.

Jake speaks Spanish and read with great expression.  He found a book about who comes to get the tooth when children here loose a tooth.  It was perfect because it was clear that Amy would loose a tooth in a few days!  She was now prepared for what would happen for her because of loosing a tooth in Argentina!

Amy was very patient as I read to her in my very best Spanish.

Charlie loved finding books he recognized...only they were in Spanish. 

Then Liz found the Harry Potter Books.

Charlie and Liz had fun finding them all!


We had fun going to see Lorena and Roldolfo

Lorena had made ñoquis for us since it was the last day of the month.  That tradition is explained in this post:

The kids really like the tradition of having money under the plates.  They were all very willing to help with the dishes so they could keep the money under their plates!

Of course we had to go get Argentina Soccer shirts.  They even got one for their new baby that will come in the fall.

When we got home they had a little fashion show for Grandpa.

The Budds are from Michigan.  It has been so cold there that while they were here their schools were closed because it was too cold.  That made it even more fun for them to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having here in Argentina.
We enjoyed walking down to the Limy river at the end of our street.  Argentina encourages physical fitness and there were all kinds of exercise equipment to experiment with along the way.
Once we got to the river it wasn't long until they were all swimming and having a great time.

Grandpa was even able to come down with us for a little while one day!

We went to our local grocery store.

One thing that is different here is that you have to have the fruit weighed in the vegetable department before you go to the check stand.  That is still hard for me to remember to do.

They each had a few pesos to spend to get a few yummy things.

There were lucky to be here for the week we had the Capilla Abierta here in our ward.

The missionaries gave them their own private tour in English!  We have such wonderful missionaries here in this mission.

On Sunday we were excited to take them to our ward on Sunday.  They all made a great effort to listen even if it was all in Spanish.  Their teachers were so kind to them.
Since we don't have children at the mission home very often we don't have a lot of toys.  They were pretty creative to play house with the things we had.

The nights were warm and we enjoyed eating outside.

Charlie had worked hard on a piano piece to play for us.  It was amazing!

Grandpa took a few minutes to play a game of chess.

Charlie brought the book he wrote about my life!  It was a school project.  I loved it!
 Amy loved finding flowers to give me.
She drew a picture on the whiteboard in Grandpa's office.
Here is goodbye to the missionaries as we left to go to Bariloche.
Amy decided to give the flower she had picked earlier to Hermana Ehmke along with a card she made on how to take care of it.  Hermana LOVED it!
On the way to Bariloche we stopped at the Dinosaur Museum. 

Once we got to our Hotel there was time for the kids to relax in the Hot Tub.

We were excited for this day because we found a place to go horseback riding and Grandpa was going to be able to go with us.

We were all excited as they brought the horses over to tell us which horse we would each ride.  We were planning on Amy and Daniel riding with one of us.

We were so surprised when he said, "Amy...This horse is for you."

These were the horses for Daniel and Charlie!

Off we went on a great adventure!


The pool at our hotel had a beautiful view of the lake.  It was a great place to come after our exciting day.

We had took them to one of our favorite restaurants. 

We of course rode the chair lift to see the view of the lakes!

Grandpa had his cell phone so he was able to respond to the calls from the missionaries.

We enjoyed the amazing view of the lakes of Bariloche!

We rode a boat to two of the islands on the lake. 

There are seagulls that wait for the boat to take off.  They will come and take a cracker right out of your hand!  So fun!!!!
We were able to get off and explore at each of the islands.  We learned about the plants and trees on the islands and enjoyed nature.  That is what people love to do in Bariloche...enjoy the beauties of nature.


Crazy!  There is a McDonalds in Bariloche!
It was hard to say goodbye but we will enjoy all of our wonderful memories with the Budds! 

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  1. That was SO fun to look at - we had such an amazing time with you and Dad, and I'm so happy we got to meet so many wonderful people that mean a lot to you both. Thank you for an amazing visit!