Monday, April 7, 2014

You may not hear from your missionary today!

We were told it never rains in Neuquén! is raining!  We have had rain for most of the week.  Today it is predicted that we will receive 1 to 2 inches  more!  There is high wind predicted in the afternoon.  They have anticipated this well and have closed schools and most public and commercial venues will be closed today.  For that reason you may not hear from your missionary today if they live in the Neuquén area.  We have heard from all of the missionaries.  There are a few water leaks in their pensions but all of them are fine.  They are to stay in their pensions unless they are doing service.  They will have another chance to write to you later this week.
These photos were taken of the street in front of the Mission Home.  The Mission Home is set up a little off the street.  Since the water is to the top of the is quite deep!

Elder Ehmke just sent me this photo.  This person is making the most of the rain and has pulled out his canoe.  President Lovell just saw two guys in a kayak float down the street in front of the Mission Home.   It is probably one of the best ways to get around today!
These are some photos that were taken by a member in Rincon de los sauces about three hours North West from Neuquén!  


Update:  Monday night 
It has stopped raining but the water level is about the same in the street in front of the Mission Home.  It has been quite windy this afternoon.  All the missionaries are safe.  It has been a very different kind of day!


  1. As always, thank you for the update. I'm glad everyone is safe!

  2. The missionary moms and dads super, SUPER appreciate the information!