Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Update on the weather near Neuquén

In front of the Mission Home today

Ha llovido toda la noche y hay bastante viento aquí en este momento. A mi me parece que todavía hay aproximadamente la misma cantidad de agua en la calle en frente de la casa de la misión, ya que fue ayer.

Los misioneros están bien.  Aqui, cerca de Neuquén estarán en sus pensiones en la actualidad.

Íbamos a hacer entrevistas de hoy, pero vamos a estar en la casa también!

Voy a hacer una actualización de este post si las cosas cambian a lo largo del día.
It has rained most of the night and is quite windy here right now.  It looks to me that there is still about the same amount of water in the street in front of the mission home as there was yesterday.
The missionaries are all safe but here near Neuquén they will be in their pensions today. 
We were going to do interviews today but we will be in today too!
I will do an update on this post if things change throughout the day.
Elder Hunt shared some of his photos with me from yesterday so you can see some of the side streets here in Neuquén. 


Here is a photo of the spot behind the church where we have done our group photos when we have received large groups of new missionaries!
If you look on this website you can see the normal rainfall here in the Neuquén area.  We are not having a normal rainfall this week! 
What an adventure we are having!
Update:  It is Tuesday evening.  It has stopped raining.  It is still muddy and wet in places and it is quite windy but things are getting back to normal!
Wednesday Evening:  It was sunny today!  Things are drying out and we were able to go to Cipolletti today to do some interviews!  Some of the missionaries spent time today helping those who got wet.  Things are about back to normal.

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  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing. Our son is in Neuquen and we wondered why we didn't hear from him yesterday. It is reassuring to know the reason and to know that you are watching over our missionaries. It looks like there is an abundance of service ahead!