Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Wonderful Medical Staff

We are in such good hands when it comes to taking care of the health of the missionaries!
This is Hermana Ehmke our mission nurse.  We are all grateful for Hermana Ehmke especially when we don't feel well.  Not only does she tell us how to get well but we feel better because it is easy to know how much she cares about us!  She has done so much to identify local hospitals and doctors that she has confidence in.  Because of her loving and caring ways she has been able to get appointments with excellent Doctors when we have a missionary in need.  She loves the missionaries and they know it!
Hermana Esterkin has been a great help to Hermana Ehmke. She is from here in Neuquén and she helps make Doctor appointments when Hermana Ehmke asks her to.  If Hermana Ehmke feels she needs to be at an appointment she will often take Hermana Esterkin to help her with the language.  They also work great together as they train our new missionaries!

We can't leave out Elder Ehmke!  He has been so willing to help Hermana Ehmke when there is an Elder or Hermana who speaks Spanish that needs medical attention.  He has certainly learned a lot about nursing as he has been the translator between these missionaries and Hermana Ehmke!

We are grateful to have Dr. Smith as our Area Doctor. He lives in Buenos Aries and is responsible for health of the missionaries in several missions in the South America South Area.   Hermana Ehmke works closely with him when there are decisions to make about what is best for our missionaries!
Thank you for keeping us healthy!

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