Friday, October 24, 2014

Los Refuezos-Those Reinforcements (Our Newest Missionaries)

These missionaries are all from the USA.  I was excited about  that because the trainings on the first day were all done in English! 
 I take a lot of photos of the new missionaries because I know how anxious families are to see that they are here and doing well.  (Just a can double click on a photo to see it bigger!)


Morning Paperwork, interviews and getting know each other!

There was even some time to do some service!

Lorena was here today to help with the cooking and she was excited to share photos of their new baby!

Learning to make baked chicken Argentina style

Getting know Hermana Esterkin

Lunch is ready!

Training in the office

The Arnaudins are waiting for their turn to share in the training!

This presentation by the mission nurses was important because they taught important information and it gave the new missionaries a chance to get to know them.

Next we talked about language training for both those learning Spanish and English, Pension Clean Day this next p-day and Mission Clothing.

More good Food!

We had a wonderful night together.  Really...this is one of our favorite parts of serving here in Argentina.  These new missionaries are such a great example to us and the spirit is so strong during these meeting.  They have so much faith and a desire to serve the Lord.  We learn and grow just from being around them!

The next day the trainers arrived.  The assignments will be make in the late afternoon so the day is full of suspense and excitement.  Who will be my companion and where will I be going!!!

The assistants led them all in some practices

MORE good food and a fun time to take photos!

After  lunch the assistants talked to them about how to share a Book of Mormon.  They show them how NOT to share it and how to be respectful and listen to the spirit as they do this. 

Then they are some Books of Mormons and we are going to go right now and find some people who have been prepared to receive them.  I heard comments like..."Right now?"

Thanks to the assistants I have a few photos of this experience.

They all made it back to the Mission Home!
During this time President was meeting with the Trainers

It was finally time to meet their new companions!

After getting to know each other for a few  minutes they introduced each other to the group.  This truly is one of my favorite parts and since we weren't in the chapel I was able to take a few photos to share with you!

Portrait time

A special night together

Saying Good-byes

These Elder are doing their best to get a picture of this with each of the Hermana's cameras!

The first Taxis arrive

Some of the missionaries would be traveling through the night to get to their areas. They waited at the mission home until time to leave.  They helped get everything back in order after these two busy days!

And then enjoyed some ice cream and fun time together!

Finally it was time to take the taxi to the bus terminal and begin this amazing experience!

Thank you for your faith and prayers in behalf of these wonderful missionaries
and for those who are ready to be taught.

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