Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jessica, Mary and Leah's Visit to Argentina


Our daughter Jessica and our two granddaughters, Mary and Leah,  were able to visit us for a few days! 
They greeted us with this beautiful origami project that they worked on during their trip! 

President and I took a little time to just enjoy being with them!  It was so wonderful!

We rode horses!

We went on a boat ride 

We saw some of the trees and flowers that are part of Argentina

Shopping for food here is a little different..
...but there were some foods that were the same as in Utah!

We ate at some of our favorite places

Shopped for souvenirs and special treats

Saw some of the tourist sights in Bariloche 

Visited an investigator

I think the girls had the most fun climbing the trees at the mission home!
They did crafts with Hermana Arnaudin
Had Home Evening with one of our favorite families

All of us girls spent a morning looking around Neuquén

Mary got to meet Camilla.  They have written to each other several times during the time we have been in Argentina.

Then all to was time for them to return home!

Thank you so much for all the fun memories!  We love you!

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