Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Asado

This actually happened a while ago but I decided to still share it with you! 
 We have enjoyed having Asodos here in the Mission Home to spend time with some of the Local Church Leaders.  An Asodo is an Argentine Barbeque!  They are a lot of fun and the food is delicious.   There is time to talk as the meat is cooked and there is meat served all during the meal.
Our wonderful Office Elders decided they would like to have an Asodo for those in the government offices here in Neuquen that help us keep our missionaries legal.  It is a big load for those in the Migraciones and the policias offices as they help us with all of our missionaries that come to Neuquén to update their visas and paperwork. Our  Elders wanted to prepare this asado to show appreciation to them for all they do for us.   

We got everything ready.  Even the Stake Patriarch came to help us cook this time so we could all spend time with these important people.
Then we waited for them to come!  Sometimes our doorbell doesn't work so we watched closely so we didn't miss them!

And we waited....

and waited....

After some time we found out that each of them had a problem that night and would not be able to come.  One even took his wife to the hospital!
So…we had a great night together. 
This is an example of how missionary work is!  Our opportunity is to invite and we are always blessed!

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