Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our 9 New Missionaries from the USA have arrived!

We were full of excitement as we drove to the airport for the 3rd time today!  We had made two trips earlier this morning for missionaries that were returning to their homes.  The anticipation was great as we looked forward to meeting these new missionaries.  We knew that it will be only a matter of time before we are just as attached to them as we are the ones that returned to their homes this morning!
We love to catch the first glimpse of them through the frosted glass! 



They are tired but they are excited to be here!

Learning about the mission

Getting the Empanadas ready!

We are always so grateful when everyone is safely here!


  1. Hey Lovell's! This is Brooke (Chapman) Anderson, Steve and Nadine's daughter. I am so excited that my nephew, Taylor Anderson, is in your mission. I know you will be so wonderful for him and take great care of him. Send him our love!! We are glad to see he has arrived safely!

    1. What a small world! He is on his way to his new area!

  2. Thank you for your devotion and service, and for always uploading wonderful pictures of what’s going on! We are thrilled that our son Josh Stoddard will be serving there over the next two years with you. He has looked forward to this day for many years. We will be faithful followers of your blog! – Theron & Julie Stoddard