Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mission President's Seminar

This happened a few months ago but I want to include it because it is an important part of our mission!  We were able to go to the Mission President's Seminar which was held at Iguazu Falls.  We were excited that these beautiful falls are within the boundary of our area and that the decision was made to have the seminar here!
It was so green and beautiful as we flew in.  So much of our mission is desert! 
Our hotel was very close to the Falls!

Most of our time was spent in the Seminar with the other Mission Presidents and their wives.  We all learned so much from our Area Presidency and from each other. 


We did have one morning that we visited the falls as a group. 

We had a great guide.

The Falls were beautiful!

We also had the opportunity to travel though part of the jungle to where we would go on a raft.

If you look very close you can see a Toucan in the tree near the top of the photo!

Off we go!
We were prepared to actually go under part of the falls! 

Of course our cameras were in water tight bags as we went under the falls!
  It actually felt great!

One of the fun parts of the seminar was seeing friends that we have made at previous seminars!

After the Seminar was over several of us had permission to stay an extra day and have our p-day here!  We had permission to go into Brazil with President and Sister Rogers to see the falls from the Brazilian side. 

The Falls were magnificent from this side too! 

President Rogers is the President of the Comodoro Mission.    Since most of the Comodoro Mission was part of our mission our first year we know many of the areas in their mission.  It was fun to talk about members we both love. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with both of them!

I cannot remember what this animal is called but we were cautioned to be careful with any food.  This animal will eat through bags to get to food.  We saw several of them and they didn't seem to be very afraid of us!




This butterfly is called "88"!

There is that animal again...up in the top left hand corner!

There was time for the two Presidents to share ideas and thoughts with each other.

As we got closer to the falls it started to rain and was quite windy!

We all got prepared to walk out closer to the falls!

On the way back we stopped at a place where we could see Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay all at once!




This river was amazing to me!  This river coming in from the right is what is left from all of the water of the falls.  It is 100 feet deep but it just looks so tame now!

We had fun shopping at the little shops!

This is our taxi driver that took us everywhere and waited for us while we had fun!  He was great!

We learned so much in the seminar and enjoyed our time in another one of the beautiful places in this world!

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