Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Visit from our daughters Jamie and Kathryn!

Just after Ashley arrived in Argentina Jamie and Kathryn, two of our other daughters, were also able to visit us for a few days!  It was a short visit because their husbands were at home taking care of their children but we had so much fun together in the little time we had! 
Jamie took a fun photo of us through the glass as we were waiting for them to get their bags!

  It was so great to get to the Mission Home and to see all of the fun things they brought us!

It was very cold in Utah so they really enjoyed the warm sunshine!
President Lovell had fun "introducing" them to the missionaries!  They were not here long enough to really meet many of them but it was fun to share their photos with them!

They wouldn't let us come into the living room until they said it was okay.  They were busy putting up photos of our lives to help us celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary!  All of our daughters had prepared photos to remind of many of the special events and people in our lives!

Our mission secretary was excited to cook a real Argentina Asado for us all!  We enjoyed it with those who live in the Casa Grande.

They were nice and let me take their photos in front of the mission bush just like we do for all the missionaries!

We loved taking them to church and introducing them to the wonderful people there!
We took a little time to travel to Bariloche together. 

They do know how to have fun together!

We rode the tram to see the beautiful view of the lakes and mountains!

Of course we visited the shops in Bariloche.

Bariloche is famous for its chocolate!

We loved taking them to our favorite places to eat!



Thank you Andy and Rich for taking care of the children and making this possible!

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