Monday, January 6, 2014

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements

As you look at the 36 new missionaries that just joined the mission...please notice how many Hermanas there are!  We now have 100 Hermanas in the mission!!! What a blessing they will be!  We are grateful to have so many wonderful new Elders and Hermanas join us in this great work. 
We did receive every missionary that has been waiting for their visas but one of our new Elders from the MTC has been reassigned until things are in order for his visa. So...we now have one missionary waiting for his visa!  We hope he will be here soon!

Please meet our new missionaries!

The 12 Hermanas that arrived two weeks earlier joined us for training in the office and at the Mission Home.

One of my favorite parts of the day is to practice how those who speak English can help those who are learning English and how those how speak Spanish can help those who are learning Spanish!


We enjoyed the time we spent eating some great Argentinian food!


There was a little time for some personal study while our English speaking missionaries had some training in the office.  It was such a beautiful day that many choose to study outside!

We met together for the evening and it was great to feel the strength of each other and the spirit that is always present when missionaries meet together! 


The next day we met at the church.  The trainers met us there and there was a feeling of excitement as everyone wondered who their new companion would be! 


Then we took pictures of us with each of the new missionaries.  I will not include them all here but they are all under the "Missionary Photos" tab on the blog.

Here are our new missionaries with their companions!

After a testimony meeting and it was time to get new pillows and get to their areas!

We are grateful for each of these wonderful missionaries!

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  1. CUANTOS HIJOS NUEVOS!!!!!!! Que grupo maravilloso,Gracias Pte. y Hna Lovell por tan majestuosa obra: preparando cada minuto a estos soldados de Sion. los amo.